UltraPlayer's Neutrino decoder is the BEST!


Independent tests have confirmed that our Neutrino™ decoder is the best independently available MP3 decoder on this planet or any other. Because the behavior and output of MP3 decoders is defined by an international standard, it is possible to objectively measure the audio fidelity of a particular MP3 decoder. Two separate, impartial tests recently concluded that UltraPlayer's Neutrino decoder is in the top echelon of accurate decoders. The tests have shown that UltraPlayer easily bests the MP3 decoders in Winamp™ 2.62, Sonique™ 1.51, MusicMatch™ Jukebox 5.1118, and Microsoft Windows Media Player™ 6.4 and 7.beta. Below, you can find links to these tests and their conclusions.

David Robinson's MP3 Decoder Tests

David Robinson, a PhD candidate at the University of Essex, recently performed an exhaustive range of tests on MP3 decoders under a grant from the Engineering and Physics Research Council.

We highly recommend that you review all of the tests and results in this impressive undertaking, starting with the Introduction.

David's test on the UltraPlayer decoder resulted in an Excellent verdict.

The overall results include a table comparing the quality of each decoder in each test (keep in mind, the light blue color indicates a "perfect decode").

The conclusion states, in part, "For playing mp3 files at the highest quality, choose ... UltraPlayer."


ShoutClub MP3 Player Quality Comparison

Tom Stanley of ShoutClub, a popular community and on-line resource for webcasters, performed a test in which he compared the decoded output of several MP3 decoders. In this test, a utility was used to compare the decoded output of each MP3 decoder to that of the decoder developed by the folks who invented MP3. Tom did not make any conclusions based on his tests, but if you look at his raw results, we think you will notice a frequent correlation between "UltraPlayer" and "0.0% Error". You can draw your own conclusions from that.



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